Fort Worth’s newest video Podcast is called FORTitude. It started with two high school friends, Brinton Payne and J.W.Wilson surviving Trinity Valley School, where they both discovered a love for people, positivity, arguing with each other, and sharing their passion for Fort Worth with others. FORTitude believes that everyone has a story to tell, and they seek to uncover the most fascinating sort. The FORTitude motto of “Don’t Let the Story Die Inside You” seeks creative ways to share the best of Fort Worth’s most interesting people. Payne’s political connections and insightfulness coupled with Wilson’s passion for sports and culture have built a significant listenership in a short period of time. They don’t take themselves too seriously but rather put an authentic emphasis on their guests and their lives with very little post-production. The show features: politicians, sports figures, civic leaders, business notables, inspiring people, and other fascinating characters. FORTitude will give you the true essence of storytelling in a unique, unbiased, and unpolished look into the people that inspire our city. With their humble and curious approach, they cover everything Fort Worth including the Mayor, FWPD, FWFD, TCU, Texas Wesleyan, Highschool, influencers, restaurants, entrepreneurs, businesspeople, businesses, art, music, culture, social issues, political issues, city issues, etc. Got a story to tell?
Don’t Let the Story Die Inside You!


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